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2013 Monthly Report

North Augusta provides household garbage and recycling collection service once a week for each residential customer. Regular residential collection days are Monday - Thursday, unless altered in observance of holidays. (See Holiday Sanitation Schedule.)

Each residential santiation customer is provided with a heavy-duty roll cart container that is numbered and assigned to each sanitation customer's address. The customer is responsible for placing the roll cart at the curbside on their designated collection day. The city's automated collection vehicle (side-loader), operated by a single driver, lifts the roll cart, dumps the contents into the truck, and places the container back at the curbside for the customer to remove.

To allow for the most efficient service possible, each residential sanitation customer should follow these specific procedures:

1. All residential household garbage should be bagged and placed in the roll-cart, along with Blue Bags containing recyclables, for pickup.

NOTE: All household garbage must be contained in a roll cart and may not be placed at the curb. Additional roll carts are available for a small monthly fee. For more information, call 803.441.4212.

NOTE: The following materials are NOT considered to be household garbage and should NOT be placed in the roll carts: Yard waste, construction/remodeling/demolition debris, hot ashes and flammables, or household hazardous waste such as oil, gas or paint.

2. On collection day, each customer should place the roll cart at the curb in front of the residence, with the front of the cart facing the street.

NOTE: The roll cart should be placed within two (2) feet of the edge of the curb or pavement and at least five (5) feet away from obstructions such as mailboxes, fences, power poles and shrubs. The roll cart should never be placed in the road or sidewalk where traffic may be blocked.

3. City Code (Section 14-20) provides that the roll cart be placed at the curbside after 7:00p.m. the night before collection day and returned to the house by 7:00p.m. on collection day.

Yard Waste

Yard waste is collected separately from household garbage/recyclables on the same collection day. Yard waste, which includes leaves, limbs and grass clippings, should be bagged or neatly piled in the front yard behind the curb or edge of pavement.

The city now has Yard Waste Roll Carts available for a nominal monthly fee for the collection of such materials.

NOTE: Yard waste generated by landscaping companies, yard crews and tree trimming/removal companies is not included in the regular residental sanitation fee. Removal of such debris is the responsibility of the contractor or property owner.

Large Bulky Items (Furniture, etc..)

The city will pick up large and/or bulky discarded household items which will not fit into the roll-cart container. Such items include discarded furniture, TVs, large appliances, etc. The items should not exceed four (4) feet in diameter, ten (10) feet in length, or 200 pounds and should be placed at the curb on the regular collection day.


The city provides garbage collection services to commercial businesses and multi-family complexes both inside and outside the city limits. Commercial containers are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 cubic yard sizes. The commercial customer must provide and maintain adequate facilities to house the garbage container. 

For more information or to establish service, call 803.441.4212 or 803.441.4219. Commercial recycling containers are also available by calling the Sanitation Services department at 803.441.4249 or 803.441.4245.


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