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Department Descriptions


The Department of Finance/General Services provides financial and administrative support services to the other city departments and to the citizens of North Augusta. Services include budget administration, accounting, purchasing, data management, tax collection, business licensing and human resources.

Information Technology

North Augusta Information Technology creates and delivers  innovative technological solutions and support in order to provide citizens, businesses, and government staff with access to information and services.

Economic and Community Development

The Department of Economic and Community Development is responsible for a variety of activities associated with the growth and development of the city. Economic development, including riverfront and downtown redevelopment and business development, is a major element of the department's mission. Additionally, the city's comprehensive planning, mapping, zoning administration and development regulation procedures are managed by the department.


The Engineering Department is responsible for reviewing all residential and commercial construction plans and permit applications to ensure compliance with city development and construction standards. The department reviews applications and issues permits for encroachments within the public right-of-way. The Engineering Department provides technical support to other city departments as needed. It is also responsible for assisting area residents with their concerns and problems relating to the city's public infrastructure.

Parks and Recreation

Residents and visitors of all ages enjoy an extensive array of recreational activities and services through the Department of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services. With numerous public parks, a state-of-the-art Activities Center, a multi-functional Community Center and a broad spectrum of athletic programs, classes and camps, North Augusta is truly a center for recreation. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services has it all!

Public Safety

The North Augusta Department of Public Safety provides both police and fire services to the citizens of North Augusta. The Department employs 50 sworn public safety officers, six full-time firefighters and 20 volunteer firefighters. All public safety officers are cross-trained in police and fire duties and serve as emergency first-responders, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective program with maximum utilization of personnel.

Public Utilities

The City of North Augusta furnishes water and sanitary sewer service to residents of the city and to customers located outside the city limits but within the city's service area. The city also sells water to the Breezy Hill Water District and provides sewer service to certain customers within the Edgefield County Water and Sewer Authority service area. The City Council sets rates and service charges for these services.


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