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SCE&G Tree Removal Project

Post Date:04/27/2016 1:00 PM

SCE&G’s Tree Removal Project


SCE&G Tree Removal Project 2

Every five years, SCE&G prunes trees located along their powerline utility right-of-way.  Over the past year SCE&G and the City of North Augusta have worked together to create a more proactive approach in which to handle the utility prunings.  This year, sixteen trees have been identified on the following streets: Georgia Avenue between Calhoun Park and East Arlington Avenue, the corner of Carolina Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue, Bluff Avenue between Meridian and Cumberland, and at the corner of Carolina and Forest Avenue.

 As the large oak trees are consistently pruned back every five years to the same spot, the trees respond by sending up weakly attached adventitious branches called water sprouts.  In many cases the tree canopy is grossly deformed, putting the tree off balance with the majority of the weight extending out over the roadway.  Unfortunately, this repeated style of pruning does not let the tree grow to maturity in its natural form. In addition, the large limbs that are cut back tend not to heal properly leading to eventual decay.  This decay continues to spread downward into the main trunk of the tree. As a result, these trees will need to be removed.

SCE&G Tree Removal Project 3SCE&G Tree Removal Project 4SCE&G Tree Removal Project 5

Following the removal, new trees will be replanted by the City that are on SCE&G’s approved tree planting list for use under power lines.  These trees include  Crape Myrtles, Red Buds, Serviceberries, Chinese Fringe Trees, Smoketrees and Amur Maples.  New tree replanting will occur in late fall 2016.

The work is scheduled to begin in the first week of May and possible lane closures may occur on the north bound left lane of Georgia Avenue as the work is conducted.  Please visit SCE&G’s website for more detailed information.

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