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Stormwater Permitting for all Land Disturbing Activities

Questions?  contact:  Tanya Strickland at 803 441-4246          

Why Sediment & Erosion Control Permitting?                FORMS ONLY

silt fence errorsSediment  is one of the top pollutants of our nations waters and can completely wipe out a stream or creek and its inhabitants within one storm event.    Preventing sediment and other pollutants from leaving a construction site and impacting natural resources and waters within our community are critical for their protection.  The construction permitting program is one of the six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) that has been developed to prevent this from occurring.  The city is required to implement and enforce construction (land disturbance) permitting regulations

As a component of the development process and the Stormwater Management Program, any public or private, industrial, commercial, or residential subdivision project that will be engaging in any land disturbing activity in the city is required to submit documentation to acquire a land disturbance (stormwater) permit from the city and and also a second permit from the state, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Construction (SCR10000). 

Both permits can be acquired by submitting one application to the North Augusta Stormwater Management Department.  

Redevelopment and property enhancements to existing commercial and residential subdivisions may be exempt from this permitting requirement, but that is not always the case.  Make sure to contact the Stormwater Management department to verify the requirements for your project.

The Stormwater Management department is committed to providing each applicant assistance with the process.  If at any time there is a question about obtaining, maintaining or terminating a stormwater permit (city or state), you may contact our office for assistance. A quick reference for forms is provided below.

General Overview about Acquiring a Stormwater Permit-Flowchart

There are two types of project permits (large and small) and up to two permits will be issued for each project:

  • Projects that disturb greater than 1 acre (>1) of land during construction.  These are considered large projects and (2)  permits will be issued from only one application, a City of North Augusta  large project permit (example of permit) and a state NPDES permit.  The city oversees the state program as well as its own. 
  • Projects that disturb less than one acre (<1) and are not part of a larger common plan (LCP) of development.  These are considered small stand alone projects that are exempt from state permitting in most cases.  One permit will be issued, a City of North Augusta small project permit

What is a Larger Common Plan for development?  

An LCP is defined (63 Federal Register No. 128, July 6, 1998, p. 36491) as "any announcement or piece of documentation (including a sign, public notice or hearing, sales pitch, advertisement, drawing, permit application, zoning request, computer design, etc.) or physical demarcation (including boundary signs, lot stakes, surveyor markings, etc.) indicating construction activities may occur on a specific plot."


  • A shopping center or strip mall that has, in the past acquired a stormwater construction permit, but has vacant land within its boundaries that is going to be developed in the future.  If the land is less than one acre, it will fall under the large construction project requirements since it is situated on an LCP.
  • A residential subdivision where several lots have not been built regardless of the age of the subdivison.  If the lots are purchased and a plan for building upon them is submitted, then those lots fall under an LCP, since the subdivision is a larger common plan of development.  In that case, an applicant would apply for an Individual Lot Stormwater (IL-NOI application) permit.
Please read below and use the appropriate forms and submit the appropriate additional documents and fees for your project based on the size.  




NOI Form Less than 1 Acre
Application for <1 Acre land disturbance (Fillable form)

NOI FORM (fillable form) Application for >1 Acre land disturbance or Larger Common Plan Projects (can be less than an acre) for Primary Permittees

IL-NOI (fillable form) Application Individual Lot Form/Secondary Permittees

Engineering Checklist Application Required with Project >1 Acre (larger projects)

Full permit (required on site)

C-SWPPP Template
 Comprehensive Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan template (MSWord®)

Maj Modification (fillable form) Major Modification Form (fillable pdf)

Inspection Log Required on-site as part of On-Site Stormwater Pollution Plan

Rainfall Log Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Contractor Certification Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Pre-Constr Meeting Certification Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Pre-Constr Meeting Sign In Log Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Contractor Log-In Sheet Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Change of Ownership Form Required when project is sold/acquired before permit termination is filed.

Notice of Termination Termination of Permit (N.O.T.)

Soil Stabilization Log Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Modification Log Required on-site in OS-SWPPP

Fee Information

FEES:  A Stormwater Management Permit Application Review Fee (further details are on the NOI application). The application fee is $100 per disturbed acre for large or small projects, with a $2,000 maximum.  An additional SCDHEC NPDES permit fee of $125.00 is required only for projects with more than 1 acre of disturbed land or that are less than one acre and are part of a larger common plan of development (LCP)

ADDITIONAL FEES for Changes to NPDES Permits:  Ownership/name change, and Individual Lot applications will require $125.00 SCDHEC fee as of January 1, 2013. 

Individual Lot Permitting:  

In some instances, an individual lot permit will be required by a developer.  The Individual Lot Notice of Intent (IL-NOI) application has instructions provided.  Make sure that if you are required to pull this type of permit, you are provided with the NPDES number and stormwater management plan by the developer that is requiring you to pull an individual permit.  The City of North Augusta will not provide those documents to you unless extenuating circumstances are present (there will be a cost associated with copies of documents).    If you are required to pull an individual lot permit, you also will need to submit the form along with a $125.00 individual lot permit fee.  This fee is for the SC NPDES permit through SC-DHEC.  Please make the $125 check payable to them.

CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP (for development of projects under existing C-SWPPP only)

Please use this SCDHEC Change of Ownership form when development property is sold or acquired and the existing C-SWPPP will be used for development of the property.  The form must be submitted to DHEC along with the fee of $125.00.  Please provide a copy to the North Augusta SWMD department upon receiving your letter of coverage from DHEC along with a copy of the form submitted to them.  

For property acquired where a new C-SWPPP will be submitted for review (the design of the project is changing from the original design), you must submit a new Notice of Intent along with all required documentation to the City of North Augusta as described above.  You do not need to use the Change of Ownership form when you are requesting coverage under a new C-SWPPP. 

Helpful information necessary to complete Stormwater Permit applications.

ON-SITE SWPPP (OS-SWPPP) Items Required on Site during Construction

Documents and example forms listed below can be downloaded see the quick reference forms at top: 

  1. OS-Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) (i.e. Site Plans and all related documents listed except engineering reports)

  2. Contractors and Sub-Contractors Certification Statements (signed and dated) (if 2006 Permits)

  3. Co-permittee Certification Statements (signed and dated) (if 2006 Permits)

  4. Contractor Certifications (SCDHEC FORM required for 2012 Permits and should be used by 2006 Permit holders from January 1, 2013 forward)

  5. Project sign-in sheet

  6. NPDES General Permit for Construction (CGP) see link below for document download

  7. Notice of Intent(application for coverage)

  8. City Letter giving project permit coverage

  9. DHEC Letter giving project permit coverage (NPDES)

  10. Preconstruction Meeting Sign in Sheet (signed and dated)

  11. Preconstruction Meeting Certification Sheets (signed)

  12. Inspection Logs and Reports (as of Jan. 1, 2013 the new 2012 Permit requires all sites to conduct weekly inspection and city ordinance requires inspection after every 1/2 inch of rainfall)

  13. Rain gauge on site with a rain gauge log sheet showing all rain events of 1/2 inch or more

  14. A stabilization log sheet showing dates that stabilization was initiated on any part of the site

  15. Other required permits including US Army Corps of Engineer approvals or certifications.

  16. Contractor & Sub Contractor Log Sheet

  17. SWPPP Modification Log sheet

Certified Inspectors are required for your project.  To get certified:

CLEMSON INSPECTOR CERTIFICATION WEBSITE Click for: Certified Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Inspectors Course (CEPSCI) Clemson Website

Enforcement of Regulations

Construction projects throughout the city are routinely inspected by certified staff to verify that they are in compliance with stormwater permits.  The inspections are conducted to verify that the site is in compliance with the City Stormwater Permit, the NPDES CGP, and other water quality permits that may have been issued for the project and to make sure waterways are being protected throughout the construction process.  In some instances it may be determined that the project is out of compliance with city ordinances or other regulations that govern the activity, even though the approved plan is followed.  In these cases, the site inspector will alert the project owner and the project engineer that additional measures are needed and must be implemented.  The city utilizes its Enforcement Response Plan as a guideline when conducting inspections.   

Required Notice of Termination (N.O.T.) for Completed Projects

A Notice of Termination (NOT) is required by SCDHEC for all projects permitted after September 1, 2006. The NOT can only be submitted after the North Augusta Stormwater Management Department has conducted a final inspection that shows that the project is complete and in compliance with all permit requirements. 

In addition, the project engineer that developed the stormwater pollution prevention plan (C-SWPPP) must submit a statement that all requirements of the C-SWPPP are correctly installed and operating in compliance with the permit. To assist in the process, the links below are provided.

SCDHEC Guidance Document on Notices of Terminations

SCDHEC Notice of Termination (NOT)

Mail Notice of Termination (NOT) form and required supporting documents to SCDHEC at the following address:

SCDHEC Stormwater Permitting Section
2600 Bull Street
Columbia , SC 29201-1708

NOTE: A copy of the NOT form and documents must also be submitted to:

City of North Augusta Stormwater Management Department
Attn: T. Strickland
P. O. Box 6400
North Augusta , SC 29861-6400

For more information or questions related to Stormwater Permitting for construction or land disturbing activities please contact either:

Tanya Strickland, Stormwater Manager, Phone:  803 441-4246


David Caddell, Superintendent of Streets and Drains, phone: 803 441-4295  


Mailing address:  P. O. Box 6400 North Augusta, SC  29861-6400, Fax Number:  803 441-4208