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Utility Billing

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Christie Hendrix, Utility Billing Coordinator

(803) 441-4212

Karolina Viquez, Customer Service Representative

(803) 441-4219

The City of North Augusta bills residential and commercial utility customers on a monthly basis. The utility bill includes charges for water, sewer, sanitation, recycling, stormwater, custom streetlights and outside City fire protection, if applicable.


Effective January 10, 2016

There will be a $7.00 late penalty added to any balance not paid by the due date.

*The City is not responsible for the US Postal Service and cannot be held accountable for payments in transit.

If water service is scheduled for disconnection due to nonpayment, the past due balance and a $25.00 service fee must be paid in the office to have the service reinstated.

If the service is restored after normal business hours, customer must sign an after-hours agreement to pay the past due balance and $50.00 service fee in the office by 10 a.m. of the next business day.

If payment is made online please call Customer Service at 441-4219 to have the water restored.

There is a $30.00 fee for checks returned by the bank.

2017 Service Fees

Pay Online

You now have the option of paying your utility bills online.  Simply click here to follow the link to our online payment processing.  You'll need your account number, your complete name as shown on the bill and your debit or credit card number and expiration date.  A convenience fee of $3 per transaction is included in on-line payment.

Automated Payment From Your Bank Account

Save time and money by paying your utility bills automatically.  You can authorize an automatic payment from your checking account for the amount of your monthly bill.  This service is provided at no cost to permanent residents.

To participate in this program, simply sign an authorization card and submit it with a voided check or deposit slip to the Finance Department, 100 Georgia Avenue.  It will take 4 weeks to pre-certify your account and activate the bank draft.  Once activated, you will receive an itemized utility bill 10 days before your bank account is charged.  If you have a question regarding your utility bill you can call the City before the bank processes the transaction.

A service fee of $30.00 will be charged on bank drafts returned for any reason.  Such return also constitutes non-payment, and late charges may be imposed, utility service may be disconnected, and this agreement for bank draft services may be terminated.

Download your Authorization Form for automatic payments here or request one via mail from the Finance Department by calling 803.441.4212.  The City does not accept any responsibility for disputes between the utility customer and/or the bank concerning financial matters.

New Utility Service


Service Activation Fee

A service activation fee of $25 is charged to all residential or business customers establishing new service or relocating within our service district.

Deposits for New Service

Deposits for new utility services are $25 on owner occupied residential dwellings and $75 on rental residential dwellings. Deposits on multi-family complexes where the units are master-metered are $50 per unit.

Commercial deposits vary according to the size of the connection. The deposit for 3/4" and 1" meters is $100; for 1 1/2" meters is $150 and for 2" or larger meters is $250.

Persons requesting service should bring the correct fee along with a valid driver's license or picture identification and social security card as well as lease agreement or proof of ownership for address verification to the first floor of the Municipal Building.

Utility Services and Charges

Water Charges

Water charges vary according to the size of the water tap (meter), the amount of water used and whether the customer resides inside or outside of the City limits.

Click here for a link to the current water rate schedule.

Sewer Charges

The City of North Augusta uses a system for calculating sewer service charges known as the "Winter Base Sewer Rate System".  This system uses three months of water usage to calculate sewer charges for the remaining nine months of the year.  The three months used in the winter base calculation will vary depending on when your water meter is read.  Generally, however, they are the months of December, January, and February.  The customer is billed a sewer service charge based on actual consumption during each of the three winter base months.  The consumption for three months is then averaged.  The sewer rate is applied to this average, and the customer's sewer service charge then remains the same for each of the next nine months until the winter base cycle starts again.  Customers new to the system with no winter base history are charged an amount equal to the average of all customers, currently at 5,200 gallons per month.

Click here for a link to the current sewer rate schedule.

Sanitation Services Fees

The City provides sanitation service which includes residential and commercial garbage collection, trash collection, health services, and street sweeping. A Roll Cart container is provided to each residential customer at the following rates:

Residential Inside City Limits, per month: $19.50

Residential Outside City Limits, per month: $27.40

For each additional roll cart provided by the City, there is an additional charge of 25%.

Commercial sanitation services fees are based on container size and frequency of pick-ups.

Click here for a changes to sanitation rate.  Please note that the Recycling Fee is now included as part of the sanitation service fee.

Recycling Service Fees

The City utilizes a Blue Bag system for recycling.  Customers are asked to enroll in the Blue Bag Recycling Program by completing an online form or by calling 803-441-4245.

Custom Street Light Fees

The City provides street light services in all neighborhoods.  Residents in neighborhoods utilizing decorative street light fixtures are charged $2.30 per month.

Stormwater Fees

The City has an active stormwater program.  The stormwater management service fee is $5.00 per month per residential unit.  Non-residential customers are billed based on the number of Equivalent Residential Units (ERU).

Outside Fire Protection Fees

The City provides fire protection for certain utility customers located outside of the City Limits.  The charge for this service is $6.00 per month.