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North Augusta Development Code

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The City of North Augusta has designated areas of the City as appropriate for Residential, Commercial and Industrial uses. Special, additional, zoning districts in the City include Planned Development, Critical Areas, Traditional Neighborhood Development and Public Use. City Overlay districts include the Georgia Avenue Overlay, the Highway Corridor Overlay and the Neighborhood Preservation Overlay.  

The North Augusta Development Code and Official Zoning Map were adopted by the City Council on December 17, 2007 and effective January 1, 2008. The Development Code replaced the 1996 Zoning and Development Standards Ordinance, is incorporated into the Municipal Code by reference and provides the rules and regulations for the use and development of land and buildings in the City. State law requires that the regulations in the Development Code be consistent with the policies outlined in the City's Comprehensive Plan.

The City Council and the Planning Commission recognize that the Development Code requires regular review and occasional amendment for the purposes of technical clarification, error correction and to accommodate the needs of the City's citizens. Since the adoption of the Development Code in 2007, the City Council has adopted periodic ordinances amending sections of the Code. The full text of the ordinance adopting the Development Code and all ordinances which amend the Code are stored in Document Central.

Click here to access the North Augusta Development Code. In addition to the twenty Development Code Articles (Chapters), your click will also access Tables of Contents, Tables and Figures; Appendix A, Definitions; Appendix C, Approved Plants; development application Completeness Checklists; and all ordinances that have amended the Code since its 2007 adoption.  The Development Code is fully downloadable from Document Central.