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Recycling Materials Recovery

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Jason Sikes
Superintendent of Sanitation Services




The mission of the Materials Recovery Recycling Division is to work with local government agencies, schools and businesses to help establish recycling programs; and educate the public about the benefits of solid waste reduction.

Drop-off Hours

For your convenience, the City offers a recycling drop center located in front of the recycling center.

  • Monday-Friday
    7:00am -  5:00pm


In 2017, the City of North Augusta processed 5,437 tons of  recyclable material through residential curbside recycling, commercial business recycling and event recycling. This would not have been possible without community support.  

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Blue Bag Enrollment

2016 Blue Bag Pledge Card 2

North Augusta is making a change to its Blue Bag Recycling Program to better serve you!  Starting January 1st, 2017,  the blue bag program will be available for free by subscription only.  If you wish to  enroll, make the pledge, start participating and partner with North Augusta to better the environment!

Enrolled customers will continue to receive a quarterly delivery of blue bags just as before.   Only recyclable items should be placed in the bag.  For more information on recycling see below.

Please fill out a short form online or download the pledge card and return it with your utility bill to get started today!

Helpful Links 

Blue Bag Enrollment Form

Pledge Card Download 



Compost Bins are available!

According to the U.S. EPA, the average American throws away 1.3 lbs (.6 Kg) of food scraps daily; 475 pounds per year. Food waste and yard trimming comprise 24% of the U.S. Municipal solid waste stream.

When food waste goes to landfills, the end product is methane, one of the most harmful greenhouse gases

North Augusta, with a grant through the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, has Earth Machine compost bins for sale.  For more information the earth machine and how to order one today, click the link below!

Compost Bin Flyer

What Can you Recycle


Boxes, Cardboard, Catalogs, Copy Paper, Colored Paper, Envelopes, Junk Mail, Newspaper, Magazines, Manila Inserts, Paper Bags, Paper Packaging, Telephone Books, and White Paper. 



Bleach/Detergent Bottles, Dressing Bottles, Juice Jugs, Milk Jugs, Shampoo Bottles, Soft Drink Bottles, Water Bottles/Jugs   




Beverage Cans, Foil, Bottles, Jars, Jugs, Cans, Scrap Metal






Other Recyclable Materials 

Petroleum Products Chart

Acceptable items  Unacceptable Items

 Automatic Transmission Fluid

        Heat Oil 


Refrigeration Oil 

Cooking Oil

 Hydraulic Oil 

Brake Fluid 


 Diesel Fuel




Gear Oil

Motor Oil 

Paint Thinner 

Water Mixed Products 


Did you know residents are required to recycle electronics. In July 2011 South Carolina Legislation passed a law making it illegal for residents to place or discard electronics into a solid waste stream.

Please note that effective January 1, 2017, there will be a $25 charge added to your utility bill per Television and Computer Monitor left curbside for collection.  E-Waste may also be dropped off at the nearest Aiken County Drop Off location at 537 Edgefield Road in Belvedere Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7:00am-7:00pm.

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"One of the most important steps to preserving the environment for future generations is to make the time and commitment to teaching our children how we can stop pollution."


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