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Wastewater Collection

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Randy Nichols
Supervisor of Wastewater Operations


Wastewater Collection System

The City of North Augusta currently collects and conveys wastewater for 11,795 residential, commercial and industrial customers. The collection system has approximately 209 miles of piping along with 3,319 manholes, and 20 liftstations.  

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Rainwater entering the wastewater lines is a major cause of sewage spills.  Too much rainwater overloads the system to the point where untreated wastewater spils out of the manholes or even backs up into homes through toilets and drains.

North Augusta operates and maintains its wastewater collection system to prevent rainwater from getting into the system.

In addition to back ups wastewater is also ultimately transported to a wastewater treatment facility for extensive processing before being returned to the environment. We want to avoid getting rainwater into this system because it costs money to treat.

Storm sewers are separate, and are meant to help control / convey storm water runoff into nearby detention / retention basins, creeks or streams to minimize flooding. 


Customers can play a major role in keeping treatment costs and operational problems at a minimum by following a few simple guidelines:

  • Make sure rainwater, downspouts, basement drains and sump pump discharges are not connected or piped into the sanitary sewer.  

  • Make sure that the sewer vent and cleanouts in your yard do not allow rainwater, etc. to flow into the sewer when the yard floods. The City will replace older square nut clean out caps with a flush ground level cap free of charge.

  • Never put grease or oil, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc. down the drain. Similarly, avoid flushing disposable diapers or feminine hygiene products into the system. These items can build up in and clog your house piping and possibly the main in the street as well, creating major problems.

  • Never put flammable materials (gasoline, solvents, etc.) into the system as these can cause dangerous buildups of explosive vapors which can create a public safety hazard to others and persons working on the system.

If you have an concerns with groundwater or rainwater entering the wastewater system, please call 803-441-4240.

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