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Hydrant Flow Testing Program

Post Date:05/03/2019 2:06 PM

Please be advised that The City of North Augusta will conduct testing of the Water Distribution System beginning April 15, 2019 and ending September 30, 2019. Water System Flushing will occur between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:00 pm.

The testing process will involve employees opening fire hydrants and allowing large volumes of water to discharge from the system within a short period of time. The purpose of these tests is to measure available water flow and pressure at various locations throughout the water distribution system.

The water pipe system is hydraulically tested to ensure that the water system is providing adequate water flow and pressure to meet consumer and fire flow demands. Test results are used to identify deficiencies and assists in planning for system improvements. Routine testing is also an integral part in maintaining the pipe system network.

Due to the sudden increase of water flow settled mineral deposits may become detached from pipe walls and create temporary discoloration of water. While the water is still safe for drinking, cooking and other uses, please note that it may stain light colored items in your laundry, especially when bleach is used. Therefore, residents are being asked to check water clarity before washing any white or lighter colored laundry during the testing period.

In the event you experience discolored water it is recommended you do not use the water for about two hours. After you have waited for this time period, please open cold water faucets and allow the water to flow for about five minutes to make sure the water is clear. If the water does not clear or you should have any questions or concerns please call (803) 441-4240 Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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