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A Special Thanks to City Employees

Post Date:08/09/2019 8:59 AM

City employees received high praise for their efforts during the 2019 Peach Jam from a visitor from New England. Execution of the Peach Jam takes cooperation from nearly all City departments and a wide range of staff. Ensuring Peach Jam guests an enjoyable, productive and safe tournament is the City's responsibility. Below is the email the City received thanking staff for their efforts. We could not be more proud of our City employees!


My sons and I came to North Augusta for Nike Peach Jam. 

Tanya Raws was instrumental in the planning.  The internet essentially told me Peach Jam was in North Augusta, SC but nothing else.  Somehow I found a phone number for Parks and Recreation and left a voice mail.  Tanya Raws returned my call, was beyond helpful and read my mind ……Just where is North Augusta? This is different than Augusta? Where do I fly into?… well the reading the mind of my teenager.....When do the games start?  How do I get tickets? When does the merchandise go on sale?  With Tanya’s incredible help I was able to begin to put some plans together to head to the South.

When we finally arrived to Peach Jam on day one, Officer Tim and Officer Vern were great.  I dropped my sons off around 2:00 PM. Later, when I arrived around 5:00 PM I was in front of the main entrance talking with a business associate over the phone.  When I hung up I quickly drank a Gatorade, turned around and there was Officer Tim standing there in full uniform in the hot sun.  I offered to go get him a Gatorade but he graciously declined.  He asked me if I had a sweater because it could get pretty cold inside.  I went back to my car to get my sweatshirt and at the same time grabbed two Gatorades and left them at the table for Officer Tim and his partner. I found my son along with others waiting to buy the Peach Jam apparel.  As the friendly crowd grew and the 7:00 PM sale time got closer the officers, Tim and Vern, appeared on the scene.  They did their jobs but  were so friendly and funny at the same time.  My son was first in line and Officer Tim commanded him the “Point”.  Once the sale started it was slow going given how Nike sends over the merchandise.  My son had been at the sales table for a bit and Officer Tim told him he might want to move along given the line.  My son’s anxious response was “I’ve been waiting her for five hours and these people can wait thirty minutes.” Officer Tim went over to my son, put his hands on my son’s shoulders and simply said, “BREATHE”.  It was quite humorous.

The next morning I brought my son back bright and early as he wanted to see as much as possible before we had to head home.  There was something about the facility I just couldn’t put my finger on. Later, I realized it was the cleanliness of the grounds.  There were no Dunkin Donut cups, Starbucks cups, Chick-fil-A containers, Gatorade bottles or soda bottles. The grounds were spotless.  I was and still am in awe of this. In our area, outside of Boston near the home of the New England Patriots, there would be trash all over the place. 

When I went to pick up my son we decided to go back and purchase some more apparel. I introduced myself to Tanya and as it turns out she waited on my son the night before when he was the first person in line.

Thank you to your town employees who were WONDERFUL to us.

It was a pleasure meeting everyone.

We enjoyed our time there and hope to be back.  

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