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City Receives Multiple Stormwater Grants

Post Date:10/31/2019 1:43 PM

The Engineering and Stormwater Departments have recently received two significant grants to improve infrastructure in North Augusta:


Rural Infrastructure Authority

The grant funds will be used to complete a previously designed project along Bunting Drive in the Lynnhurst subdivision.  The drainage project along Bunting Drive in the Lynnhurst subdivision aims to reduce flooding in the area during heavy rains by increasing the flow capacity of the storm water system in the area.  The project will also pipe flow coming from the City’s stormwater detention facility on Bunting Drive.  Piping this flow should reduce erosion and sedimentation in the area. The total grant award is $300,000. The project is anticipated to be put out for bids once the paperwork for the grant is completed.


SC Office of Regulatory Staff – Energy Office

The City’s Stormwater Department has recently been awarded a $5,000 Mini grant to assist in the purchase an additional solar aeration system for Brick Pond Park.  The new system will replace an electric aeration system there that is costing over $1,600 per year to run, and it has failed more than once requiring costly maintenance.  We are so pleased to acquire this grant to purchase a second solar aeration system.  The new system will provide a better solution to increasing dissolved oxygen in the ponds with the sun as its power source.  The first solar system was installed in 2010 and it is still operating successfully with minimal maintenance during its nine years in service.  The new system will be installed early in 2020.  Our goal is to keep the system healthy for park visitors to enjoy and to provide a healthy ecosystem for the wildlife and plants that call it home. 

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