Starting a Business

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Business Assistance

City staff provides assistance to prospective business owners in opening their business in our community. While there is information available on the website, we encourage you to contact City staff for assistance in the process to ensure the most efficient use of your time and to discuss permit and approval requirements. Additional information is available in the City's New Business Guide. New to the area? Check out the North Augusta Chamber of Commerce.

Business License

Any business located within North Augusta, or any non-resident business that operates within the city limits of North Augusta, that engages in any occupation or activity with the object of gain, benefit, or advantage, either directly or indirectly, is required to purchase an annual business license for the calendar year. If you need assistance please contact The Finance Department at 803-441-4216 or Email.

Home Business

If you plan on starting a home based business there are some requirements that you will need to consider. You must apply for a business license and a home occupancy license for any home occupancy.


Prior to being issued a business license, the applicant’s place of business must meet all applicable Zoning, Building, Signage, and Fire and Life Safety codes, must have received a final inspection by the City’s Building Inspections Department and must have received its Certificate of Occupancy. If you need assistance please contact the Planning Department at 803-441-4221 or Email.

Additional requirements, such as special land use permits, may exist for certain types of businesses, such as restaurants serving alcohol, auto repair facilities, or home-based businesses.

Business Resources