The mission of the Stormwater Management Department is to provide and maintain stormwater infrastructure that is functional and is protective of our natural resources.  To accomplish this, we work to ensure that municipal, industrial, commercial, and residential activities within our community do not pollute the storm system, the Savannah River or streams in the community.

The Department was issued a small MS4 stormwater management permit from the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).  It  requires the city to meet six minimum control measures that are designed to reduce pollution sources and impacts to our waters.  The city stormwater department develops, maintains and implements procedures to achieve its mission in the Stormwater Management Plan.  The plan describes all six minimum measures and our activities to meet them.

To help us monitor and protect our city's stormwater infrastructure and natural resources more effectively, please report issues, concerns, or illegal dumping that could impact our storm drain system.  You may call us at (803) 441-4246, email us your concerns to:, or you may make an online service request from the homepage link provided.  Please click below for more information.