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Construction Permits

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Sediment & Erosion Control

As a component of the development process and the Stormwater Management Program, any public or private, industrial, commercial, or residential subdivision project that will be engaging in any land disturbing activity in the city is required to submit documentation to acquire a land disturbance (stormwater) permit from the city and and also a second permit from the state, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Construction (SCR10000).

Both permits can be acquired by submitting one application to the North Augusta Stormwater Management Department.

Redevelopment and property enhancements to existing commercial and residential subdivisions may be exempt from this permitting requirement, but that is not always the case. Make sure to contact the Stormwater Management department to verify the requirements for your project.

The Stormwater Management Department is committed to providing each applicant assistance with the process. If at any time there is a question about obtaining, maintaining, or terminating a stormwater permit (city or state), you may contact our office for assistance.

 There are two types of project permits and up to two permits will be issued for each project:
  • Projects that disturb less than one acre (<1) and are not part of a larger common plan (LCP) of development. These are considered small stand alone projects that are exempt from state permitting in most cases. One permit will be issued, a City of North Augusta small project permit.
  • Projects that disturb greater than 1 acre (>1) of land during construction. These are considered large projects and (2) permits will be issued from only one application, a City of North Augusta large project permit and a state NPDES permit. The city oversees the state program as well as its own.

General Overview about Acquiring a Stormwater Permit-Flowchart

Building Lots 

In some instances, an individual lot permit will be required by a developer. The Individual Lot Notice of Intent (IL-NOI) application has instructions provided. If this type of permit in needed, make sure that the subdivision developer provides you with the existing  NPDES Permit number and Stormwater Management Plan for the project. The City of North Augusta will not provide those documents to you unless extenuating circumstances are present, and there will be a cost associated with copies of documents. If you are required by a developer to pull an individual lot permit, you will need to submit the application form along with a $125 individual lot permit fee to SCDHEC in Columbia SC.

Application Fees

A Stormwater Management Permit Application Fee is $100 per disturbed acre for lare or small projects, with a $2,000 maximum. An additional SC DHEC National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit fee of $125 is required only for projects with more than 1 acre of disturbed land or that are less than 1 acre and are a part of a Larger Common Plan of development. Other fees may be required for changes to permits or modifications.

Permit Forms & Documents
Permit Forms & Documents
Form Description
NOI Form, Less than 1 Acre                            Application for <1 Acre Land Disturbance
NOI Form Application for >1 Acre Land Disturbance 
IL-NOI Application Individual Lot 
Engineering Checklist Completed Projects >1 Acre
NPDES General Permit SRC10000 Permit, On-Site SWPPP
C-SWPPP Template Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 
Major Modification Major Modification Form
Inspection Log On-Site Stormwater Pollution Plan 
Rainfall Log Required in OS-SWPPP
Contractor Certification Required in OS-SWPPP
Pre-Con Meeting Certification Required in OS-SWPPP
Pre-Con Meeting Sign In Log Required in OS-SWPPP
Contractor Log-In Sheet Required in OS-SWPPP
Change of Ownership Form Project Sold before permit termination is filed.
Notice of Termination Termination of Permit (N.O.T.), form instructions
Soil Stabilization Log Required on-site in OS-SWPPP
Modification Log Required on-site in OS-SWPPP
Design Guides for Engineers

Design Guides for Engineers 

 Guide  Description
 Rain Garden Sizing  How to design a rain garden for your yard
 Vegetated Filter Strip  How to design a vegetated filer strip
 Water Quality Manual  WQ specifications for North Augusta development
 SC Soils Appendix_E  Soil types in South Carolina
 Sediment and Erosion Control Manual  Sediment and erosion prevent specifications
 Engineering Checklist for Construction Projects  Checklist  
 Infiltration Trench Sizing  How to design a infiltration trench
 North Augusta Basin Map  Basins in North Augusta watershed
 EPA Common Pollutants and Sources Table  List of pollutants and possible sources