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Education & Outreach

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The North Augusta Stormwater Management Department conducts many activities throughout the year where community members have an opportunity to get involved. If you are interested in learning about volunteering or participating in one of our programs, please contact us. 

Need ideas for a volunteer project? Take a look at some "Stormwater Volunteer Opportunities" to short or long-term effort. 

Annual Educational Events

Earth Day

Each year in April the Stormwater Department participates in the Family Earth Day event that is held in Brick Pond Park. We distribute educational information to families that want to learn how they can help protect our natural resources. 

Household Hazardous Waste Day

The spring time seems to be a good time to clean out garages, sheds, cabinets, and closets. The Stormwater Department hosts a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event during May to help residents dispose of items that cannot be thrown away in a regular trash facility. Residents are invited to bring a bag full or even a trunk load of hazardous waste like paints and batteries for a drive through service collection. 

Summer Adventure Camp

The Parks and Recreation Department holds Adventure Camp every summer. Each week of Adventure Camp, the classes visit Brick Pond Park to learn about stormwater treatment systems and how stormwater can pollute our streams and rivers. Volunteers during each weeks session can help us keep the activities focused and fun.

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Local College Students

University Student Opportunities

We have conducted special studies throughout the watershed to learn more about the water quality, stream integrity, stormwater flow, and sub-basin health. Interns over the years have assisted in these studies. This opportunity is open to university students as well.

There are ongoing studies within the park where researchers from the University of South Carolina Aiken, Clemson University, and Augusta University and their students are determining how recently restored ecosystems are responding to the changes. Aiken Technical College has also used the park as an outdoor laboratory for environmental classes.  

If you have a student seeking a research project or volunteer hours, feel free to contact us with ideas or questions. Students pursuing a career in biology, stormwater management, engineering, or other similar fields are encouraged and  we can design a project that fits you. We can provide projects for individual educational benefits of may be able to work with your school to fulfill class credits.

School Group Field Trips

Local school groups are welcome to join our Stormwater Management Department on a field trip full of adventure! This is a two part field trip that includes a tour inside the North Augusta Municipal Center and an outdoor tour of Brick Pond Park. The field trip begins in the Municipal Center with a tour of the Arts and Heritage Center that takes students on a historical journey of the industry that once occupied the area where Brick Pond Park now sits. Students will also enjoy an in depth presentation of the Stormwater Treatment System of Brick Pond Park and the process we took to engineer such a system. After a picnic lunch on our Palmetto Terrace, the second phase of the field trip will take place in the park. In small groups, students will get to discover environmental avenues first hand. They will get to look through microscopes, uncover causes of erosion, build a food chain, or catch microorganisms in the Brick Pond Park. 

Back in the classroom we ask teachers to connect the activities conducted in the park to the work the students complete in the classroom. Whether this be through a classroom presentation or discussion, we would be trilled to see we the students learned on their trip. 

This program was developed through a dedicated team of teachers, school board members, city employees, and local university professors. Each field trip requires volunteers and chaperones to help with all the activities, so if you would like help, please contact us. Would your school group like to explore the park with us? Let us know at 803-442-5711.

Brick Pond Education Program

Tours of the Park

If you have a group that is interested in learning more about stormwater management or Brick Pond Park as a stormwater treatment system, walk-through tours of the park or indoor presentations are available. If your group is hosting a meeting, we could join the meeting and present a short talk at your place as well. Please contact us at 803-442-5711 for questions.

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