Stormwater Fees

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North Augusta Stormwater Collection System

The Stormwater Management Department operates and maintains the city owned stormwater collection system to provide efficient removal of stormwater from streets, to prevent impacts to residential of commercial property, and to protect water quality. Part of the effort requires inspections of city stormwater ponds, street drains, city parking areas, yard inlets, vegetated or paved ditches, and all of the piping/infrastructure associated with the collection system. These systems drain to a point called an outfall which are located in a stream, creek, or the Savannah River. The outfalls are inspected to ensure that they are working as designed. If the inspection reveals a problem with the system, it is repaired, replaced, or re-engineered to work more efficiently. 

If an issue arises in our stormwater collection system between inspections, residents are a great source of information. If you are aware of a problem, please contact us. We will send someone out to the area to determine what needs to be done. We will let you know the result of the inspection.

Residential Service Fee

All single-family residential utility customers are charged $5.00 per month for an individual lot as a stormwater fee.

Commercial Systems

The Stormwater Management Department conducts inspections of existing stormwater devices such as ponds, outfall pipes, vegetated or concrete ditches and associated piping as part of our effort to protect water quality. The department compares the current condition of the system to the engineered drawing and checks to ensure adequate maintenance of the designed and approved stormwater facilities is taking place. The owner of the system is contacted if any problems are found.  This is part of the post-construction minimum control measures required under the city's small MS4 permit.

Commercial & Industrial Fees

Businesses typically have a much greater percentage of impervious area than residential properties. Therefore, a business customer's charge is determined by calculating the number of Equivalent Residential Units (ERUs) represented by a property. All business customers were placed into one of 14 categories of developed use. The number of ERUs is determined by the classified use, the associated "C" factor, and the number of acres of the property.

Appeals - Non Residential

Where a property owner or customer can document that the ERU calculation for his property has been applied in error, the customer may appeal in the following manner:

An appeal, accompanied by a $10 per acre appeal review fee, should be filed in writing with the Stormwater Manager. The appeal fee shall be refunded if the result of the appeal is in favor of the appellant. The appeal should, if applicable, include a survey of the property prepared by a registered land surveyor or professional engineer containing information on the total property area, the impervious surface area, and any other features or conditions which influence the hydrologic response of the property. The manager will conduct a review of the appeal and provide a written response within 30 days.

Fee Credits - Non Residential

In cases where a non-residential property's impact on the City's stormwater drainage system is significantly limited or has been effectively reduced through specific controls, a service charge credit may be applicable. These credits and the credit application procedure are explained in the Stormwater Management Service Charge Credits Technical Manual.