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State Accommodations Tax Funding Program 

The City of North Augusta is currently accepting applications for grant funding to support community events! The events must draw tourists to the City and MUST be held between December 1, 2019 and June 1, 2020. A grant application is required for funding consideration. Applications are due November 1, 2019 by 5 p.m. More information is provided below:

State Accommodations Tax Funding Application

State Accommodations Tax Funding Handbook

What is the State Accommodations Tax Funding Program? 

The South Carolina Department of Revenue declares that if a municipality collects over $50,000 in Accommodations tax, each municipality will be required to allocate and spend all Accommodations Tax fund that they collect in the manner required by the statute. 

This funding program will allocate 65% of the funds from the collected Accommodations Tax.
To see how the other 35% is spent please refer to the Handbook linked below. 

Who Can Apply for the Funds?

All applicants are asked to provide proof of their federal employer identification number as
registered with the Internal Revenue Service. This number must coincide with applicant’s
organization name.
· To qualify for funding, project applicants must provide proof of their non-profit status and fall into
one of the following categories:
1. Any governmental agency, board commission or political subdivision other than those
specifically designated as a state agency. OR
2. Not-for-profit organizations as registered with the Secretary of State of South Carolina.

What is the Tourism-Related Activities Criteria?

· Advertising and promotion of tourism so as to develop and increase tourist attendance through
the generation of publicity (all advertising and promotions must be outside a 50 mile radius
of North Augusta);
· Promotion of the arts and cultural events (all promotions must be outside a 50 mile radius of
North Augusta);
· Operating visitor information centers (A-tax monies can only be used to pay the salary of a full
time employee whose only job is to assist tourists).