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Animal Control

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Contact Information


Emergencies 9-1-1

Animal Control Officer
Mike Strauss

Department of Public Safety
Animal Control Division
61 Claypit Road
North Augusta, SC 29841

Business Hours
Monday – Friday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

After Business Hours

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The Animal Control Division is responsible for all humane investigations inside the City limits. This includes: nuisance complaints; animal cruelty investigations; animal attacks; handling of rabid animals; dead animals; injured animals, and taking care of the animals at the North Augusta shelter. 

The impounded animals listed below have been found running at large in their communities, a violation under the City of North Augusta Municipal Code. Impounded  animals are held for 5 working days. If these animals are not claimed by their owners within this time, they undergo health and behavioral assessments, and if deemed adoptable may become available for adoption by the public. If you are or know the owner of any of the animals below or would like to leave a message for the Animal Control Officer, please call 803-441-4298. There may be some time between the time the dog is brought into our facility and the time its picture is posted. It is always best to come in person to verify if your dog or cat is at our facility.



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 Animal Control Blank Template

 Animal Control Blank Template

 Animal Control Blank Template

Leash Laws

The City of North Augusta requires dogs to be under their owner's control at all times. This means they must be on a leash or confined to their owner's property. Dogs that run loose are subject to impoundment.

Leash laws exist to protect yourself, your dog, and others. Loose dogs can be taken by strangers, hit by cars, or worse. Multiple loose dogs, though they may be friendly individually, may become aggressive in packs. It's dangerous for your dog, you, and other people if you let your dog leave your property without being attached to you by a leash.

Pet Ownership

Owners are required to assure that an identification tag or plate, indicating the name and address of the owner, is securely fastened to the animal's collar or harness. All animals kept within the City of North Augusta are required to be inoculated against rabies and appropriately tagged. 

No more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats, four months of age or older, may be kept on any residential premises. Pet owners are required to keep their animal(s) under restraint at all times and should be placed on a leash whenever outside of the owner's property. 

Impounding Animals

Impounded animals may be reclaimed by the owner within five working days by payment of $25 per pet per day for the first day & $10.00 per day thereafter and $35 per pet per day for the first day and $10.00 per day thereafter for subsequent incidences. All owners are required to show a current certificate of rabies vaccination prior to the release of any animal In addition, You must have proof that your animal has been microchipped. (SC Code 47-3-55). If you cannot provide proof you will need to bring a prepaid receipt for your vaccination and Microchip from a Veterinarian, claim the animal from the City, and return to have your animal vaccinated. Animals not picked up within five working days become the property of the city and may be humanely destroyed, or, upon being spayed or neutered, placed in the custody of a responsible and suitable owner.

Animal Control provides humane traps to assist residents of North Augusta in impounding animals that are running at large. Immediately upon impounding any animal, the impounding officer shall make reasonable effort to notify the owner.