Emergency Management

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Contact Information

Captain Charles Williams

North Augusta Emergency Management provides communication and coordination of emergency services before and after a disaster.  Emergency Management is also responsible for a number of contingency and preparedness plans, and provides education on how to prepare for and reduce the effects of disasters. 

  • Coordinates emergency operations.
  • Writes and updates the City's Emergency Management Plan.
  • Coordinates shelter locations and staffing.
  • Coordinates and plans with the State Division of Emergency Management and other local emergency management agencies and organizations.
  • Coordinates and provides training and practice exercises and drills.

Education & Support

Public Safety provides North Augusta residents, businesses and industries, non-profit organizations, and local governments the education and support necessary to reduce the loss of life and human suffering; to minimize property damage; and to protect environmentally sensitive areas from all types of disasters through a comprehensive, risk-based, all-hazard emergency management program.