Water Production

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Public Services Secretary
Shannon Kincaid

Superintendent of Water Production
Greg Shaffer

The Water Production Division is responsible for continuous monitoring and testing of treated water to ensure water quality standards are met prior to water being distributed to the water distribution system. Additional responsibilities include the operation, repair, and maintenance of the City’s water supply system. This includes raw water diversion and pumping facilities, treatment facilities, finished water pumping facilities and the finished water storage facilities.

The City of North Augusta operates a 12 million gallon per day (MDG) surface water treatment plant located near the plants primary raw water source, the Savannah River. Water facilities include a 30 MGD reservoir that is utilized when the water quality in the river is poor, and serves as a secondary raw water source in the event of system emergencies. There are two clear wells, one ground storage tank and five elevated tanks that have a combined water capacity of 5,050,000 MGD, which provides water storage for consumer demands and fire protection. The Water Treatment Facility also maintains several ancillary facilities to maintain adequate water pressure and volume throughout the water distribution system.

Water Treatment Process
Area Wide Optimization
Partnership for Safe Water