Sunset Hill Cemetery

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500 Alta Vista Ave, North Augusta, SC


The City of North Augusta maintains Sunset Hill Cemetery. All lots in said cemetery were sold many years ago and the City possesses ownership of no remaining lots in such cemetery. The City has maintained records relative to such lots. Initially the City possessed information as to the original purchasers of such cemetery lots. Since that time, the records maintained by the City have been updated based upon information provided to the City by purchasers of said lots or persons inheriting said lots.

See an aerial view of the cemetery. For information regarding cemetery records, please contact the City Clerk at 803-441-4202. For assistance in locating a grave site, please contact Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Services at 803-441-4308.

The only adjustments or additions to such records are made based upon actual documentation presented to the City.

In recent years, we have received numerous inquiries from persons requesting information concerning the ownership of certain cemetery lots. In addition, we have been requested by others to certify as to matters of ownership. As a result of these requests and our review of this matter, we have determined that, more often than not, cemetery lots have apparently been transferred without any notice or information being provided to the City. Even more common, we have discovered that an estate or multiple estates have either been probated without the cemetery lots being included or the estates not being probated at all.

The City utilizes the records that it has for the purpose of granting permission for burials within the cemetery. We do so based upon the written records possessed by the City. Approval by the City for burial does not certify title to the lots, in any way by the City. Such permission merely indicates that the burial is authorized based upon the records in the possession of the City.

The City’s records will only be changed as a result of one of the following:

  1. Receipt of copy of document of transfer from the owner of record.


  2. Receipt of copy of Deed of Distribution from estate relative to transfer of cemetery lot

  3. Receipt of certified copy of Will of record owner with certified copy of Letters Testamentary showing probate of estate. This will be accepted for older estates that have been probated and closed.

  4. Order from Court of competent jurisdiction relative to ownership of cemetery lots.

  5.  In the event that you are unable to provide any of the above documentation, the City would review an affidavit and certificate from an attorney licensed in the State of South Carolina providing an opinion on the title to such cemetery lot. Such opinion may be based upon affidavits, judgments of record or other documentation that the attorney deems appropriate in rendering an opinion as to the title to the cemetery lot or lots in question. In the event that the city would choose to allow the transfer of the cemetery lot, based upon the opinion of counsel, the person requesting the change would be required to execute a Hold Harmless Agreement in favor of the City should it be determined later that the transfer was incorrect.

The City reserves the right to reject the attorney’s opinion in the event that the City deems the title opinion, information, etc. provided to be not sufficient.

Note: The procedure as set forth above is the EXCLUSIVE procedure for the transfer of ownership of lots in Sunset Hill Cemetery. The City would strongly suggest that should you have any questions concerning this procedure or your ability to comply therewith, that you consult with an attorney, providing such attorney with a copy of this document.